How to Pair Wine & Beer with Pan-Asian Cuisine?

May 11, 2023

The science behind matching wine and beer is always fascinating to learn. Several local experts offer recommendations for pairing wine and beer with pan-Asian cuisine. Toshi Dubai, one of the best Japanese restaurants in Dubai, gives many suggestions for this exclusive combination. Let’s get into a few tips from an expert.

Introduction to Pan-Asian Cuisine and the Art of Pairing Wine & Beer

Pan-Asian cuisine is a diverse and delicious blend of flavours and cooking styles from countries such as Japan, China, Thailand, Korea, and Vietnam. With such a wide range of dishes, it can be challenging to know which wine or beer to pair with your meal. But fear not, because the art of pairing wine and beer with Pan-Asian cuisine is easier than you might think. From spicy Thai curries to savoury Japanese sushi rolls, the right wine or beer can enhance the flavours of your dish and take your dining experience to the next level.

It is important to understand the elements of the dish, as well as the characteristics of the wine or beer, in order to create a harmonious balance between the food and drink.

Let’s explore the world of Pan-Asian cuisine and discover the art of pairing it with wine and beer that will impress your taste buds.

Understanding the Flavours and Elements of Pan-Asian Dishes

To pair wine and beer with Pan-Asian cuisine, it’s important to understand the flavours and elements of the dish. Pan-Asian cuisine often features a mix of sweet, sour, umami, and spicy flavours, as well as a variety of textures and ingredients. For example, sushi is known for its fresh and delicate flavours, while curries are rich and complex.

Sushi can be paired with a variety of white wines, such as Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Grigio. These wines have high acidity and light flavours that complement the delicate flavours of the sushi. For richer and more complex dishes like curry, red wine like Pinot Noir or Syrah can be paired. The tannins in the red wine can help cut through the richness of the dish and balance the flavours.

When it comes to beer, a light lager or pilsner can be paired with sushi, while a darker beer like a stout or porter can be paired with curries. The carbonation in beer can also help cut through the richness of the dish, while the bitterness can balance the sweetness and spiciness.

Tips from Experts on Pairing Wine and Beer with Pan-Asian Cuisine

Experts recommend pairing white wines with lighter dishes like sushi and sashimi, while red wines can be paired with richer dishes like beef teriyaki or lamb curry. It is also recommended to try sparkling wine with spicy dishes like Korean fried chicken, as the bubbles can help cool down the heat.

Pairing beer with Pan-Asian cuisine, as the carbonation and bitterness can complement the flavours of the dish. Pairing light beers like lagers and pilsners with sushi and spicy dishes, while darker beers like stouts and porters can be paired with richer dishes like ramen and curry.

There are plenty of great options for pairing wine with Pan-Asian cuisine if you choose to drink it. Look for wines that have a little acidity and vibrant, fruit-forward flavours when selecting one to go with your dinner. A dry Riesling can be a great option because it can help balance out the robust flavours and heavy spices of foods like curries and noodles with its lemony undertones. The delicate fruitiness of a light-bodied Pinot Noir, on the other hand, won’t overpower the flavours of fish in dishes like sushi or sashimi, making it a great option for matching.

You should look for beer selections that go well with the strong, spicy flavours of foods like curries and stir-fries when mixing them with pan-Asian cuisine. Being able to cut through the heat and cool your palate in between bites makes a crisp, refreshing lager a great option. A rich, malty brown brew, on the other hand, can give a good contrast to the heat in your dish while still serving as a gratifying addition to the flavours.

The Best Wine Options for Pan-Asian Dishes

When it comes to wine options for Pan-Asian dishes, there are many different options to choose from. Here are some of the best wine options for Pan-Asian cuisine:

Sauvignon Blanc: This light and crisp white wine pair well with sushi and sashimi, as well as light and fresh salads.

Pinot Grigio: This white wine has a subtle sweetness that pairs well with seafood dishes like shrimp tempura and grilled fish.

Riesling: This white wine is known for its sweetness and acidity, making it a great pairing for spicy dishes like Thai curries and Korean fried chicken.

Pinot Noir: This red wine has a light to medium body and pairs well with dishes like teriyaki chicken, beef stir-fry, and sushi rolls.

Syrah/Shiraz: This red wine has a full body and rich flavours that pair well with spicy and rich dishes like lamb curry and beef bulgogi.

The Best Beer Options for Pan-Asian Dishes

Beer is also a great option for pairing with Pan-Asian cuisine. Here are some of the best beer options for Pan-Asian dishes:

Light Lager/Pilsner: These light beers pair well with sushi and sashimi, as well as spicy dishes like Korean fried chicken and Thai green curry.

Wheat Beer: This beer has a light and refreshing taste that pairs well with seafood dishes like shrimp tempura and fish tacos.

IPA (India Pale Ale): This beer has a strong and hoppy flavour that pairs well with spicy dishes like buffalo wings and chicken tikka masala.

Stout/Porter: These dark beers have a rich and full flavour that pairs well with rich and savoury dishes like ramen.

Pan-Asian cuisine is a dish that combines different Asian flavours, inspired by the cuisines of Southeast Asia, West Asia, and India. It can be as simple as a bowl of rice or as complicated as a million-dollar sushi roll. Your dining experience can be enhanced by serving beer or wine with Pan-Asian dishes. The idea is to prepare an excellent meal that will make people crave dining with their families and/or friends more often.

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